B i o g r a p h y

Ever since Nathan began playing melodies on the piano by ear at the age of five, music has been more than just an integral part of his life - it is his life. While piano was his first instrument, the guitar has become his primary musical voice. "I spent many nights in my youth listening to my father play song after song on his guitar," Nathan says. "He really inspired me to become actively involved in music. After seeing my dad get so much enjoyment out of his playing, how could I resist?"

For over twenty years, Nathan has developed his skills on the guitar. His knowledge of the instrument increases every day, and he loves to share that knowledge with students of all ages.

Nathan can be seen playing with his band The Kingfish most weekend nights. What began as a collaboration with a friend from elementary school ten years ago has grown into a successful wedding/party band, that can be seen in bars, clubs, and casinos throughout the midwest. Nathan takes an active role in the musical development of the band. When he's not busy with The Kingfish, he spends his time finishing his Bachelor of Music degree at Columbia College Chicago, and teaching his students everything they need to know to succeed as musicians. All of his experience allows Nathan to give his students the complete package. "Knowing how to play the guitar isn't always enough," Nathan says. "If a guitarist wants to enter the larger world of professional playing, he or she needs a broad skill set. I love to share lessons I've learned while navigating the business. If you want to make the guitar your passion too, let's work together to get you there!" 

© 2015 by Nathan Niederkorn. If you can read this, you have good eyesight.

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